Create your own CAN-GA-BAG after your individual enterprise needs. As an advertising product or merchandising article – you have an exact vision, how the article should look like.

With the Surry Bulga B2B partnership we offer you the possibility to form a striking as well as lasting eye-catchy advertising product completely after your individual concept. You can freely choose concerning label positioning, colour creation, material, towel size, high-low weaving or a sublimation print for the towel.

You can put your brand optimally in scene to create the best possible advertising effect.

Your advantages as a Surry Bulga client

  • CAN-GA-BAGS are stylish & trendy, handily, processed with high-quality materials and fascinates by an expressive desgin. With the functional details CAN-GA-BAGS are perfectly for every leisure fun.
  • The bags covers ideally your target groups: young targets // lifestyle // business // silver agers
  • This innovative bags transmits: emotions, creativity, aesthetics, uniqueness, recognition and beachliving style
  • CAN-GA-BAGS support the lastingness of your brand

 Advertising article or Merchandising product

Valuable advertising article: CAN-GA-BAGS serves as

  • Communication amplifier
  • Narrower customer connection
  • Subjective valency
  • Loyalty & Identification


Merchandising product: Advantages

  • Shop remains lively - provides for change
  • Strengthens the brand presence
  • Enlargement of the portfolio
  • Demarcation of the competition


Licence partnership or ordered production


With a licence partnership you are able to produce your individual bags in arrangement with the inventor in terms of form, design, target group and certain geographical areas. You can either sell the bags to costumers or use them as an advertising gift for customers.


You order from us and we will give the order with your design to our manufacturer in production. The minimum quantity for this option lies with 500 pockets.

Call us +49 7191/9789721 or write us cooperation(at)surrybulga.com we would like to discuss your project!